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Aikos is a machine learning platform where teams and individuals get data products released. Load data; develop and learn models leveraging GPUs with Notebooks with the most popular libraries pre-installed; parametrize notebooks in one click into AppBooks through which you can run training simply by filling out an automatically generated form or sending HTTP requests; track parameters and metrics, and save, deploy, invoke, and manage models.


Real world machine learning projects almost always are the result of a group collaborating to solve a problem involving domain expertise and metrics that are more complex than accuracy. The current state of machine learning is in flux and involves many moving parts and a variety of tools that often become incompatible. Teams spend a lot of time dealing with low level details for data, development, deployment, and management, using ad-hoc ways to collaborate, and manage members joining and leaving the internal team or the client's team.

On the one hand, this time could be spent on solving the problem at hand. On the other hand, these problems have to be dealt with. Large organizations whose business relies heavily on machine learning may have specialized teams that can keep the organization at the state of the art when it comes to infrsastructure and tooling. The rest of the world does not have these teams, which means that the barrier to entry to leverage machine learning is high and requires considerable initial investment.

We're on a mission to solve these problems for ourselves, and for you. Read more about us.