Get Data Products Right

Real-time collaborative notebooks to train, track, deploy, and monitor your machine learning models.

Real-time collaborative notebooks

Collaborate in real-time on notebooks. See others' changes, selections, and cursors. Ideal for pair-programming, tutoring, and troubleshooting with your teammates.

No-setup notebooks on your own Kubernetes clusters.

Stop wasting hours or days troubleshooting your workstation and dealing with GPU drivers or asking someone to do it for you. Fresh environments with Docker images that just work. Focus on what matters.

Long-running notebooks that don't lose output, not even with closed browsers.

Regular notebooks lose computation results when there is a disconnection, which often happens in long-running training jobs. You can schedule your notebooks on your own clusters, and get the output.

Bring your own Kubernetes clusters.

Run your notebook servers and your long-running notebooks on your own Kubernetes clusters on Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Digital Ocean. We'll even shut them down for you if they're doing nothing.

Deploy your models in one click.

We automatically track your models, experiments, parameters, and metrics for you. Deploy your model and get an endpoint to invoke it or upload data directly to its page and get inference results.

Monitor your deployed models

Get a live dashboard and watch how your models behave. Get to the bottom of issues before clients call you.

Package your models into Docker images in one click.

Pull your model image anywhere, start a container, and start making predictions.

Bring your own S3 buckets

Use your S3 buckets just like a disk.